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Review: M.I ft Flavour – Number One

by on September 6, 2019


Plot Synopsis

A classic hit from back in the days





African rapper number 1 (yi)o
MI microphone magician o
Everybody puta nu ka-anyi tewu ya tewu ya
E woo M -IIIII ga-egbu mmadu o1
1{M.I Abaga}
Yes sir
And they say I am the best ah
I am on top of the rest ah
Cassius Clay what i do to the List-ah
Rappers are vex ah
Chasing me with a vespa
Some na keke NAPEPs ah
Not a threats sir
I’m a jets sir
Flyer that IRS ah
Helicopter flow, tyreless ah
These rappers are kids ah
Low connection wireless ah
See my track list
I have been paving the way, John the Baptist
I have been doing my thing round the atlas
Rappers blowing up and I am the catalyst (catalyst catalyst)
2(M.I. Abaga)
Yea yea yea
No sir, they can’t mess with my flow sir
Some of them said they are better than me
They must be hi like Aloha
You should switch to Makossa
Can’t they tell I am a boss
Some of them wanna blow sir, maybe they should come and pay me tolls
We are a mafia
We are hit men
Making hits every time that I spit mehn
We are chairmen
We are big men
So I call you Nicole you a kid man
Checking my fresh
Checking my cool
Checking my belt
Checking my shoe
Checking my car
Checking my crew
It’s simple… I am better and better and better than you
3Ngwa ka-anyi tewe nu (ka-any tewe nu), ngwa ka-anyi tewe nu egwu
This one na highlife and hip-hopu combination o
Egwu anyi ji enwe anwuli, egwu anyi ji a ta-ife nu
E woo fu-la-vor ga-egbu mmadu o
(Repeat till fade)

African rapper number one, wow that was a long time again. We doubt if M.I has any more legitimate claims to the crown. There has been an insurgence of many talented rappers since the release of this song. Number one was, without doubt, a mega-hit back in the days. It was basically played on every radio waves and music channels.


The song starts with Flavour delivering lovely highlife performance. Not a bad way to start the song at all. Flavour went ahead to declare that M.I was the number one in the whole of Africa.
The lyrics are straightforward; M.I is simply the best! Tat was their declaration; The lyrical structure of the song is great and the plot development is just as impressive. Generally, the lyrics of the song are immersive and catchy.
Flavour's vocal performance was smooth and lovely to listen to. We enjoyed every bit of it. Powerful and emphatic. What is even more emphatic is M.I's vocal performance filled with passion and action.
Number one has an engaging melody from the freshness of sound, absence of musical clichés, colourful work, use of sonorous pedal-points, the crisp and intense combination of highlife and Hip Hop, splashes of percussive colour. A deep woody performance by M.I mixed with Flavour's smooth performance leads to a warm, mellow four-part horn chorale, a tender, expressive melody to the ears.

This dramatic piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary and also classic; The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed.

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Bottom Line

This piece is a rousing expression and an excellent composition for some newer artists to take pointers from. The dynamics, balance of tone, and phrasing.

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