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Review: M.I Abaga Ft. Nonso Amadi – Playlist

by on August 5, 2019


Plot Synopsis

A smooth love song with Hip Hop and RnB blend





I heard a loud knock on the door
Figured it was you real quick
She said I’ll save you the bore
We can have a go real quick
Don’t you wanna workout the playlist
Tryna be the top of your playlist
We can have a go real quick
As if you wanna go real quick
And they wonder why I dock all the chicks
If it ain’t dope I ain’t fucking with it
Niggas came broke but they talk all that shit
When I see you I cant snap out of it
From the first time you came my way
I got addicted to you that day
Even though you went MIA
I made a note to make you mine one day
Make you mine one day
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
Tryna make the top of your playlist
(tryna make the top of your playlist)
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
Girl you know I’m tryna make the top of your playlist
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
When you rocking with M, It’s only A-List
I don’t want no other ladies
Only you I want to give me babies yea
Trips to the Island and Paris
Cruising in the drop top Mercedes yea
Imma workout so we can stay rich
Whatever you want I give you daily yea
You the baddest girl there’s no debating
My baby let me give you motivation
Any competition, girl they slowly fading
But I like the vibe, the way you’re cultivating
If they mess with you there’ll be an altercation
All you gotta do is give me information eh
You give me sweet sensation girl
Everytime that we workout the playlist
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
Tryna make the top of your playlist
(tryna make the top of your playlist)
Girl we gotta work out the playlist
Girl you know I’m tryna make the top of your playlist
I want to know where you live girl
I want to watch when you sleep girl
I don’t want something for now girl
I wanna share something deep girl
Let’s go grab something to eat girl
Then spend the night on the beach girl
Sugar and honey and sweet girl
That’s the way you look to me girl
Baby you the only one I really wanna vibe with
So baby have you decided
If you wanna be the one beside me
When I’m private
Flying to the Island in my jet
I love the fact you stylish
I love that you don’t have a lotta milage
But if you make me the pilot
Imma take you high into the sky girl
Thank you so much
Thank you
So, what are we doing tonight?
I used to know a girl
On my first day of college men
Russian girl
Her name was Dacha
When she discovered me mehn

This week on unprecedented music collaborations features M.I Abaga and Nonso Amadi. It almost seemed as if Mister Incredible released this song discretely as there was no hype nor build-up to the release of the song. Nevertheless, that did not stop the song from claiming the number one spot on Popular Music Streaming site, Spotify with almost a million streams. This is incredible because this song has been released and it has not been up to 72 hours.

You can listen to the song below


Nonso Amadi was left to do the intro and we really did not mind. What impressed us the most was the serenading instrumentals that were playing at first. It seemed like they should last forever!
Nonso Amadi is one heck of a writer. Reading and listening to the lyrics, we were impressed. We had thought Playlist was a literal term but oh no, they were simply saying they wanted to make it to the top of the girls' priority list. The structure of the lyrics was also great and the plot development was engaging and impressive. It felt like an actual story.
Sharp, precise tonguing is needed to make this much sparkle, and close attention must be paid to the dynamic contrasts between M.I and Nonso Amadi's vocal renditions. To put it in another word, they were simply smooth!
This smooth piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary. A classic blend of Hip Hop and Rhythm and Blues. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the harmony is somewhat developed. This song is a perfect forerunner for M.I's Rendevouz project (new album)

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Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we were left with a great impression. Se downloaded the song and added it to our playlist!

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