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Review: D’Prince – Take Banana (TBT)

by on July 18, 2019


Plot Synopsis

A throwback of a former hit





Code name: D’ Prince
Mavin Activated
How many things e go take till you know
How many things e go do till you know
How many days e go take till you know
Hey! Hey!!
You know
Take Banana till you go yo X 15
Mo ti n ri (6)x Americana wonder
She feeling (6)x the love wonder
The way she dey whine am dey leave me no choice
Omo as I dey go I call her number
Without hesitating, without meditating her mummy I pull up aside her bumper
She killing (6)x the girls dem oooo
I’m willing (6)x to go down there
Then then
She whispers to me
D’ Prince is here
Then I pulled her closer closer
Take Banana till you go yo x15
The truth is bitter
Can’t deny the feeling is sweeter
I didn’t din dull it
She gan gan gan she didn’t din dull it
She Den den den den backed upon it
Den den den na watz upon it
God damn it
See as this girl dey make me commit
Den den den she keeps on coming
Wi wi wi without no forming
Den den den den den she whispers to me say say wetin I geh geh geh geh get
I pulled her closer closer
Know wetin I get.
Take Banana till you go yo x15

Wow, we were scammed seven years ago. I mean, someone just woke up one morning and decided let me just mix up Take Banana till you go yo fifteen times and repeat a couple of other words like six times and boom! I have a hit track for them, the fact that such a song became so popular and famous is an embarrassment! D’prince is a musician signed under Mavin, he once started his career as a hybrid rapper and singer when he was with now-defunct Mo’hits. Suddenly he transformed into a hybrid singer and talker (if there is anything like that)


Take Banana starts with the Mavin trademark intro that sounded like we were watching a spy or secret service movie.
The craziest thing about this song s that D'Prince managed to make it sound good despite the horrible lyrics. The melody of the song is intense and appealing. The melody of the song is not even the best part of the song.
Wow! The song has a crisp and intense combination of instrumentals thereby producing a great beat. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the sound is somewhat developed.


Take Banana is an embodiment of all the things that could go wrong with the lyrics of the song. Not only did D'Prince manage to sneak (and yes I said sneak because many will not even notice this) "Take banana till you go yo" over 45 times is nothing short of amazing and incredible! The repetitions in this song are beyond this world, basically, every line was repeated, some phrases were repeated six times in a line. Wow D'Prince, you are an amazing musician.
Now let's talk about the message of the song. The message is all wrong and D'Price was making sexual suggestions. In fact, we can conclude that the song does not make much sense because the only sense we could make from it is heavily steeped in depravity!

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Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Take banana was a hit regardless of all the shortcomings and the heavy reliance on the instrumentals. However, it is not one of those past hits that will strike a chord in us, and we would resonate with. Sure, we will move our body when it comes on, but we would not go out of or way to download.

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