by Soundcheckon January 8, 2020
Charlie is the first track off Simi’s ‘Omo Charlie Champagne, Vol. 1’ album. This track is dedicated to her dad as she misses him. Let’s get to the review.  0shares Pinterest Google+ Twitter Facebook
Ilaye Metaphors artwork

Review: Ilaye – Metaphors

by Soundstroke Phoenixon October 8, 2019
Ilaye is a rising soulful singer that uses a jazzy alternative ballad approach to tell beautiful love stories through her music. She has been here for a while and she just dropped her EP titled ‘Pneuma’. Metaphors is the third song on the EP and was produced by Tejiri. Metaphors is a ...

Review: Omawumi – True Loving

Review: Omawumi – True Loving

by SoundStroke Sonicon June 27, 2019
SONIC BOOM! NOT ALL MUSICIANS WERE CREATED EQUAL! Everything we thought we knew about Omawumi, we did not know jack! We knew Omawumi could sing, we just did not know she could sing this well. We were seriously surprised when we heard the song. She sounded like an angel had descended from heaven. ...
[11:45, 5/15/2019] Deji Okufi: Another one for 110K... [11:45, 5/15/2019] Deji Okufi: Just received a call for this...

Review: Asa – The Beginning

by SoundStroke Sonicon May 15, 2019
SONIC BOOM! Lyrics:  Asa – The Beginning “One of us may have the last say, Words like a dagger, We try to hurt each other There’s no other way until one surrender, We’ve been like this for days, We’ve been like this for days eh You wanna say your goodbye with a smile on your […]